Education Ministry

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Masouda Al-Aswad, said that the operating budget of educational institutions for the new academic year amounted to about 85 million dinars.

Masouda told the government's media platform Hakomitna that the distribution was according to the number of students in each area, indicating that 80% of the schools fulfilled the data and were ready to spend their budget, and that the schools located in 45 areas out of 90 had bank accounts that received their checks. 

She clarified that schools that didn't have bank accounts would have their funds disbursed to them as a trust fund to be received by the school principal, pointing out that the disbursement items includes four chapters: light maintenance operations, school activity, general hygiene, and stationery. 

Meanwhile, the number of schools that received students in their new academic year amounted to 6,383 schools, while the number of pupils and students for the primary and secondary education levels reached 2.345.668 million.