Education Ministry shakes up Libya's primary school syllabuses

Education Ministry shakes up Libya's primary school syllabuses

November 15, 2017 - 22:05
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Libya's Education Minister Othman Abdeljalil agreed with educational experts and curriculum consultants to modify the current curricula and lesson plans starting next school year in addition to changing the date of the end of the school year to be on July 31, 2018.

The ministry's Facebook page reported that English Language will be taught in schools staring with first graders and not with fifth graders as it is happening now.

"Arabic Language will have only one book in the primary school and it shall be simplified and focused on reading, writing, and dictation." It added.

It also said that there will be less mathematics and science books for primary school students (one book each), while there will be more classes for sports, music, and drawing (at least one class a day.)

"History, geography, and national education books will be removed for the primary school and replaced by a new subject book named national and behavioral education to be studied by all primary school grades. The book will concentrate on significant spots in Libya's history away from personalization of stories, besides Libya's geographical location." The ministry explained.

The ministry also removed homework for the primary school students - first grade to eighth grade - demanding more time at school to be 6 hours a day at least, hinting at possible scrapping of final exams for all primary school grades, except sixth grade and ninth grade.

"Next school year will start on September 01, 2018 and end July 31, 2019, and this new educational plan must be applied to all Libyan schools so that many negative phenomena can be terminated." Libya's Education Ministry remarked, according to the Facebook page.