The Education Minister of the Presidential Council's government Othamn Abdeljalil said secondary school exams are going well, saying some violations were reported in certain examination halls as 261 students refused to sit for the exam, vowing to take the needed action against those students as per education system's regulations.

In a presser on Monday, the minister said the families of the students should know that such an act damages the education of their young girls and boys as they will fail the subjects and become the victim of the agenda of those trying to make a fuzz during the exams.

Students protested on Monday and refused to enter the exam halls.

"Some schools did not finish the required curricula as they lacked teachers and the ministry received no reports in that regard, yet it will sure handle the issue." Abdeljalil remarked, saying the deputy minister ordered the formation of committees across Libya to visit secondary schools and report the percentage of tackled curricula for each subject this year.

He also lashed out at the rumors across social media saying they aim at hindering the reform in the education system that the ministry is going through.

Exams in areas under the Presidential Council's government control are being held at the university halls and high institutes' classes in an attempt to prevent any cheating endeavors as such an act has been a frequent manner in previous exams in recent years.

Several students protested last Sunday the difficulty of the English Language exam questions saying they were not taught the whole curriculum of the subject in the school, while others protested the fact that the exams are being held at the university and wanted them to be held in schools.