The Minister of Education, Mohamed Ammari Zayed, confirmed that the ministry has completed all necessary arrangements for the high school certificate examinations, set to begin on Sunday.

Zayed confirmed, during a press conference, that the exams are due to last three weeks, however, Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be considered days of rest for the students.

He indicated that the ministry had taken great measures in the run-up to the completion of the preparation of the exams, particularly in this remarkable year.

He added that this year’s slogan is ‘We protect our children and achieve our goals’, pointing out that the Ministry of Education this year has proceeded step by step with the aid of the Supreme Advisory Committee to Combat the Coronavirus, which prompted the ministry to postpone the exams on more than one occasion during the last stage.

Zayed explained that a fieldwork team was formed to follow up the implementation of all precautionary measures in the various educational institutions and exam halls, which are to be equipped according to the highest health standards in order to provide a safe environment for all students in all areas and regions, stressing that in regard to the Coronavirus pandemic, the ministry has prepared for any and all possible scenarios.