The University of Tripoli is to hold a workshop on March 15th, entitled "The quality of university education and the role of information technology in local and Arab universities - reality and ambition."

The workshop will bring together specialists and academics from the universities of Tripoli, Omar Al-Mukhtar Benghazi, Al-Zawiya, Sabha, Tobruk, and Muhammad Al-Senussi, in addition to external participation from the University of Suez in Egypt and the Palestine College of Technology.

The Tripoli University explained that the upcoming event is part of a series of online workshops aimed at transferring experiences and facilitating the exchange of information between elite universities.

"The workshop is an opportunity to enrich discussions on topics related to higher education and means to make universities a better hub for knowledge development," the Tripoli University said in a statement, stressing that the information technology can play a crucial role in raising the efficiency of the educational process if the universities' capabilities are harnessed thoughtfully.