The Minister of Health of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Khalifa Al-Bakoush said in a press conference Tuesday that "PCR" tests for Covid-19 are costing an arms and a leg, draining state funds as each single test costs (200 US dollars), as he claimed.

The Health Minister added, in the presser that was intended to detail the current epidemiological situation in Libya that they are doing 4500 tests a day and are planning to increase the number in the coming days.

He also said that "PCR" tests are being misused, claiming that it is not science-based behavior to conduct "PCR" tests for 400 or 500 workers in the same company just because they are suspected to have been in contact with someone who is a positive Covid-19 patient, saying the tests should only be carried out on those who show coronavirus symptoms.

"We are at a point that we either live with the virus or lose our lives to it. We all need to cooperate to limit the spread of coronavirus such as avoiding social events, which have led to a spike in cases the last two weeks in Libya. If the precautionary measures aren't followed well, we might resort to a total lockdown." The Minister explained.

An official at the anti-coronavirus scientific committee said at the presser that the situation is very problematic in Libya as the rate of deaths has reached 2.3%, adding that if the spread continues at this pace, quarantine and isolation centers will get crowded very soon, adding that they know nothing about the epidemiological situation in southern Libya due to logistical reasons.