The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah stressed the need to address the issue of oncology patients in a professional and serious manner, not through temporary treatments, urging for starting with early diagnosis and awareness, to registering all patients through a comprehensive system for all data and diagnosing cases in terms of treatment inside or outside of Libya. He also urged for continuing to provide health services through local specialized centers.

Dbeibah's remarks came during his meeting on Wednesday with the Head of the National Cancer Control Authority and the directors of centers specialized in the field of oncology, departments and offices of the Authority, in the presence of the Head of the Treatment Services Support and Development Agency, to follow up on the plan of the National Cancer Control Authority for 2024.

The Director of the National Cancer Control Authority, Haider Al-Sayeh presented a briefing on the steps completed by the Authority and the detailed plan for the current year, which focused on the registration system, completing the registration of medical cases, the mechanism for supplying medicines, the radiotherapy and chemotherapy service, and the awareness and early diagnosis plan.

Al-Sayeh explained that the patient registration system received all cases, as 22,059 ones were registered, saying that work is still continuing, and stressing the necessity of registering all cases by contacting one of the centers so that the authority can deal with them in terms of providing the type of medicine or treatment, whether radiation or chemotherapy.

Meanwhile, Dbeibah hailed the efforts exerted by all parties to start radiotherapy locally through the recent opening of the Tripoli Radiotherapy Center, which will begin receiving cases on January 20 at a rate of 180 cases per day, in addition to other specialized centers locally, stressing the need to continue working in the same way and pace of organization on administrative, technical and medical aspects, and ensuring that the medicines are available and are brought from specialized international companies according to the condition of each patient.