Eye Hospital

A medical convoy has arrived in Sebha coming from Eye Hospital in Tripoli.

The team comprised twenty-four medical and medical assistants, to conduct medical examinations and eye surgeries for citizens.

The Ministry of Health stated that this convoy came with the support of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity - the acting Minister of Health , Ramadan Abu Jinnah to provide medical services to the people of the cities and regions of the south.

In the same context, sources in the Eye Hospital in Tripoli reported that the Nour Al-Hayat (Light of Life) convoy, in cooperation with the Sebha Medical Center, began examining hundreds of cases and performing more than 60 surgeries on the first day of the week-long convoy's visit to Sebha.

The sources indicated that the convoy will then set out to visit the cities of Brak Al-Shati, Ubari and Ghat, noting that the target is to perform (500) operations in each city in various eye surgeries and an unspecified number of examinations.