The Director of Livestock Management in Al-Bayda, Salih Boumbaraka, has criticized the authorities for failing to provide livestock vaccines to curb foot-and-mouth disease and lumpy skin disease, which are plaguing the region.

In a Facebook post, Boumbaraka reported significant losses among livestock, with 177 cows dying from lumpy skin disease. Foot-and-mouth disease has resulted in the death of 1,322 sheep and the infection of over 19,000 heads, along with 47 cow deaths and 490 cow infections affecting 59 breeders.

The official called for urgent communication with the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock and the Chairman of the National Centre for Animal Health to tackle the issue.

The Animal Health Centre has issued a stark warning, predicting a potential collapse of the livestock industry in the eastern region, which could lead to a severe economic downturn and skyrocketing meat prices.

In response, several municipalities have banned livestock markets within their areas and restricted livestock transport with other cities to combat and contain the diseases.