The head of the Turkish-Libyan Business Council, Morteza Karanfil, has stated that Libya's stability and security are among the most important issues that should not be ignored.

“Turkey can establish strong relations with Libya, which is the gateway to Africa, as it represents the best starting point for Turkey in plans and projects in the African continent, which is the new center of attraction for global trade and plays a vital role for the future of Turkey and Libya”, Karanfil added.

“The whole world will turn towards Africa during the next 100 years, and we need to sign three new agreements in addition to the two existing ones, to enable Turkey to transfer its trade to Africa by the new agreements to be concluded with Libya”, he indicated.

Karanfil pointed out that Libya enjoys an important geographical position, as it possesses 74 billion barrels of oil reserves, 172 billion feet / m 3 of natural gas reserves and other economic wealth.