The Libyan Crimes Watch (LCW) has renewed its demand to reveal the fate of the poet Tariq Gaddafi, 36 years old, who was kidnapped in the city of Sirte by gunmen affiliated with Haftar’s militia, on December 18.

Tariq was kidnapped for 55 days on the background of a poem criticizing the siege of Buhadi area, south of Sirte, the LCW indicated.

It also pointed out that the citizen Ali Gaddafi, 24 years old, has been forcibly disappeared for 165 days, after he was kidnapped from Sirte on August 30, 2022, by gunmen affiliated with the Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade, and he was taken to a prison in Benghazi.

The organization called on the Attorney General and the UN Independent Fact-Finding Mission to open an investigation into such violations and work to hold the perpetrators accountable.