The Ministry of Social Affairs of the Government of National Unity intends to open a new center for children with autism in Zliten, explaining that the Abu Salim Autism Center and Project Management team at the Ministry visited the municipality of Zliten to discuss allocating a piece of land to build a center for children with autism in the city.

The Ministry added that the team visited a number of sites proposed by the municipality to build the center, saying that they had agreed on one of the buildings that conformed to the required standards. It indicated that the municipality promised to complete the procedures related to the selected building as soon as possible, so that it could be completed and equipped as a center to serve children with autism in the city.

The Ministry announced its intention to open five new centers for children we with autism in 2024, in addition to signing an agreement with a specialized Jordanian center to train and qualify doctors and those responsible for providing direct care services to patients.