The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has announced that the first shipment of "Erawin" crude, produced from the Erawin field, has been exported through the Zallaf oil and gas exploration and production company.

According to the NOC, the shipment was estimated at 600,000 barrels and was exported from the port of Zawiya.

The Director of the Operations and Maintenance Department at Zallaf Libya has also confirmed that the first shipment of the company's production from the Erawin field was exported through the port of Zawiya, with the quantity shipped being approximately 600,000 barrels of Zallaf crude.

It is noteworthy that the production of Erawin crude began last April at a rate of 3,000 barrels per day and has since increased to a rate of 6,000 barrels per day as of November.


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