Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh met on Sunday with members of the 6+6 committee -formed jointly with the High Council of State (HCS) to draft the referendum and voting laws- and stressed the need to fast-track progress on this path.

The rapid completion of the election laws fulfills the will of 2.8 million voters to hold presidential and parliamentary elections, a statement by the Parliament said.

Last week, the HCS disclosed the names of its representatives in the relevant committee, which included Ahmed Al-Awjali, Hammad Brikao, Omar Abulifa, Fathallah Muhammad, Fawzi Al-Oqab, and Mama Suleiman Bilal.

On the other hand, the House of Representatives named Noureddine Khaled, Jalal Al-Shwehdi, Saleh Qelma, Abu Salah Shalabi, Miloud Al-Aswad, and Ezzedine Qwereb for the task.