The Tripoli Security Directorate said Saturday that there has been no coordination or consultation to date between the Directorate and the Ministry of Education regarding the process of securing the preparatory and secondary certificate examinations to be held in the halls of the University of Tripoli.

 In a statement, the Directorate expressed its surprise by the absence of communication with them to develop a security plan to make sure that the exams will take place under the best conditions.

The Directorate explained that the gathering of students in large numbers and from different regions at the same time and in the same place will have its risks, as it may lead to quarrels between students, not failing to note the traffic jam that it will lead to in the major streets, especially the exams will be held at peak times.

In conclusion, the Directorate called on the Ministry of Education to consult further on this issue in order to maintain security and to ensure the smooth progress of the operation.