The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced on Tuesday the launch of the Full-Day School Project, a first for Libya. 

In its first phase, the project will target 12 model schools in different parts of the country.

Education Minister Musa Al-Maqrif said at a press conference that the initiative aims to provide 800 hours of instruction per year to 3,300 elementary school students.

The project will commence by targeting a sample of schools in Benghazi and Derna and later expand to include all schools in the country.

The Full-Day School Project aims to improve students' academic achievement by increasing the duration of time they spend learning. Al-Maqrif further stated that the length of school periods will be increased to one hour, with additional classes being offered to ensure that students learn as much as possible.

The minister urged everyone to support the full-day school program, beginning with parents, who "are essential partners in the educational process."

During the press conference, Al-Maqrif also announced that the Ministry of Education has begun implementing a memorandum of understanding with the World Food Program to provide full meals to students participating in the full-day school program.

The minister praised the World Food Program's cooperation and its efforts to develop a strategy for the success of the program in Libya, which was signed three years ago.