Three Libyan olive oil companies have been named as one of the top olive oil producers worldwide after winning prestigious awards in the 11th edition of the JAPAN Olive Oil Prize Competition (JOOP).

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ICCJ), which organized the contest in cooperation with the JOOP Organizing Committee, announced the winners for 2023 this month.

The Libyan companies, all from the mountain city of Gharyan, competed with over 530 firms from 23 olive-producing countries.

Al-Mishkat -an award winner in international contests in Greece and Italy- won gold, while Al-Bustan and Al-Aryaf took silver in the contest held in Tokyo on 3-6 April.

The head of the Media and Public Relations Office at the Libyan Export Development Centre, Mohamed Al-belili told The Libya Observer Wednesday that obtaining advanced ranks in international competitions consolidates the role of Libya as an important competitor and provides a strong incentive to promote Libyan goods in global markets.

"As an export development centre, we are happy with the prizes awarded to the national companies registered in the exporter's list," Al-belili said, confirming that such companies will receive priority in international participation due to the high quality of their products and their increased chances in breaking into the global market.

"We extend our congratulations to these companies and wish them continued success. God willing, with such successes, we can overcome all obstacles in delivering our products to the world."

Established in 2013 the JOOP award was dedicated to promoting quality olive oils of all origins and recognizing the best oils from around the globe.

The contest is ranked in the top places of the Worl Ranking of Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOWR).