The UN envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily met in Congo the Congolese President, Sassou Nguesso, on Saturday and briefed him on his recent consultations with all Libyan stakeholders and the efforts to bring stability and security, as well as to restore legitimacy through elections in 2023.

"President Nguesso pledged his full support to the UN efforts highlighting the risks associated with the continuation of the status quo. He also emphasized that the Libyan issue is of African, Arab and international concern and thus all should play a positive role in its resolution." Bathily said on Twitter.

He also said that as the Chairman of the African Union High Level Panel on Libya, President Nguesso emphasized that the Libyan crisis can only be resolved through an inclusive process with positive regional and international support, stressing that national reconciliation in Libya can only be achieved through positive engagements by all Libyan stakeholders without conditions or limitations.

According to Bathily, they also agreed that the African Union's reconciliation team should be on the ground in Libya and must include experts from African countries with experience in reconciliation, in addition to having all resources and support needed to deliver their mandate.