The Chief of Libya's Army, Lieutenant General Mohamed El Haddad, has paid a visit to the Central Museum of the Algerian Army during his tour to neighbouring Algeria.

Al-Haddad and his accompanying delegation toured the museum's pavilions that showcase the history of the Algerian jihad against the colonialists.

Part of the museum's holdings highlights the Libyan people's support for the Algerian fighters during the French occupation era, as a special pavilion was set up under the title (The joint Libyan-Algerian struggle) to showcase the great sacrifices made by the neighbouring nation.

Al-Haddad praised the Algerian jihad and expressed his pride in the role played by Libyan ancestors in backing their Algerian brothers in their struggle for freedom.

He considered the museum as a message for all those encouraging recolonizations that the sacrifices of the ancestors are ongoing and will not end.