The Libyan coastguards rescued 291 illegal immigrants of different nationalities as they were making a perilous journey to Europe on a dinghy off Al-Zawiya shores after receiving a distress call from north of the city.

The Libyan Coast Guard said in a statement that the rescued immigrants were disembarked at Tripoli Naval Base and then transferred to the anti-illegal immigration authority for further procedures that will include repatriation to their home countries.

Meanwhile, Alarm Phone humanitarian organization of the Watch the Med NGO said there were five boats with 419 immigrants on board in danger at the search and rescue zone of Malta, saying on Twitter that there had been 80 individuals without fuel, food, water and their boat was taking in water.

"55 people, we lost contact with them. 96 people on another boat are out of fuel, food, water, 97 others without food, fuel, water, at sea for 2 days, 91 people without food, fuel, water, and one person is sick.

When will 419 people be rescued?" Alarm Phone said.