A number of General National Congress members issued a statement on Monday reiterating commitment to the political dialogue as the only solution to the Libyan crisis.

The statement, signed by 32 GNC members, explained that the current political agreement draft was crafted in suspicious conditions under the supervision of the ex-UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, thus it is rendered incapable of resolving Libya’s crisis, especially after Leon was accused by many GNC members and other Libyan political activists and was scandalized by world press for being biased and dishonest.

“The government proposed by Leon was not the outcome of the Libyan people’s inspiration and demands, because it was not formed by the consent of the Libyan parties related to the crisis, particularly – the GNC and the HoR.” The statement reads.

The members also stressed that building state institutions and respecting the constitution and the judiciary laws do not go at odds with discussing the legislative problems found in the agreement draft and then resolving them by both the GNC and the HoR, which then would pave the way for forming a government of a real national accord that can lead the country.

“The dialogue must go back to what it was intended for, which is a dialogue between the General National Congress and the House of Representatives, besides, the United Nations role in this dialogue mustn’t exceed that of the mediator or the sponsor and not the ruler or the decision maker, as per the UN Security Council resolution No. (2174).” Elaborated the statement.

The statement concluded by hailing the communication effected between the GNC and the HoR as well as the national accord gatherings and meetings that are taking place across Libya, pointing out that such meetings must continue and develop until all Libyans get united and save their country from the political conflict it is facing.