3,800 Bangladeshis arrived in Italy through Libya in the last two months, The Times has reported, adding that many of them flew to Libya via Turkey or the United Arab Emirates for 8.000 euros, including their boat trip to Italy via Libyan shores of Zuwara city. 

Citing Libyan political analyst Abdulkader Assad, The Times said Bangladeshis and Pakistanis fly to Libya legally with contracts to work for cleaning companies and most of them go to Zuwara to catch a boat to Europe.

The Italian Ministry of the Interior revealed earlier that 150,000 immigrants had arrived in its territory from January to November 20, 2023, explaining that more than 47,000 immigrants arrived from Libyan territory, and noted that 30,000 of them set off from the western region, and 17,000 from the eastern region.

The Italian Nova News Agency said that the number of immigrants who were intercepted in the Mediterranean and returned to Libya reached about 14.000 from January to November 10, 2023.