The area of Al-Fuqaha in Jufra Municipality was attacked by a group of ISIS militants late Sunday.

"Members of ISIS attacked the police station and kidnapped several policemen, they also killed four other people, including the son of the head of the municipal branch of Al-Fuqaha," Jufra Municipal Council revealed on Facebook.

The Council clarified that the attackers withdrew on board 25 armed vehicles, which they used in the attack that lasted nearly two hours, adding that the aggressors terrified the civilians and burned several houses, they also took a number of youth from the town and killed others.

Jufra Municipality declared a three-day of mourning over the attack.

It also announced that situations inside Fuqaha have become catastrophic due to the attack.

Despite the ISIS defeat in Sirte in December 2016 by the forces of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous, suspicious movements Of ISIS elements in several areas south of Sirte have been reported, including locations near the oil wells in Jufra, and in Al-Haruj Mountains, in addition to mountain areas in the vicinity of Bani Walid city.