The Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said Germany's call for a demilitarized solution in Sirte and Jufra could be accepted by Ankara as a preliminary approach, saying the only solution lies in unity in the international community's stance on Libya.

"Turkey along with Qatar and some other countries are present in Libya in an effort to support a political solution in the war-weary country. Turkey was concerned that military elements had been building up in the Libyan cities of Sirte and Jufra for a year and this posed a threat to the country’s peace and territorial integrity." Kalin told Al Jazeera on Monday.

Kalin said the Ankara administration did not seek any military solutions anywhere in Libya and did not want to come face to face with any foreign country, underlining that Egypt was a neighbor of Libya and could adopt a constructive role to resolve the conflict.

"However, the presence of mercenaries from Russia’s Wagner Group and other mercenaries the United Arab Emirates (UAE) brought from countries such as Sudan, Niger and Chad were a source of concern for Turkey." He said.

Kalin further noted that ridding Sirte and Jufra of weapons and mercenaries could be a good idea to stop clashes and this could be a window of opportunity for a political solution in the country, adding this process had to be conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin recently held a long phone conversation in which they tackled developments in Libya and Syria," Kalin said, adding that the two countries could help one another in Libya as is the case with Syria.

Kalin remarked that Russia supported warlord Khalifa Haftar despite Moscow denying such claims, noting that the Russian administration sought to act as a mediator between the conflicting sides in Libya.

"Turkey believes a political solution could be achieved in Libya and Ankara would be glad to see any country including Egypt, Qatar, Germany, Russia and Italy contribute political dialogue in this regard." He indicated.