Dignity Operation has welcomed the parliamentary and presidential elections to be held in 2018 and urged its supporters to add their names in the electoral register.

Speaking in a press conference on Wednesday, spokesperson Ahmed Al-Mismari demanded the House of Representative to issue the elections law as soon as possible, stressing that their army “respects the will of the people.”

He also stressed that the elections should be held fairly and under the supervision of Arab and international monitors.

“The General Command will only abide by an elected civilian leadership,” he claimed.

Dignity Operation’s shift from rejection to approval comes a week after the visit of French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to warlord Khalifa Haftar is his camp in Rajma on December 21.

Le Drian said after the meeting that he had told Haftar to respect the UN-sponsored political process, days after he (Haftar) declared the UN process null and void.

Earlier this month, Khalifa Haftar’s supporters claimed that they had collected 1.291 million signatures to declare him as president of Libya. They also ransacked the polling stations and tore up the posters bearing the numbers of the stations. On December 23, they made a U-turn and decided to give up the mandate campaign and register for the upcoming elections.