The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Agila Saleh, has revealed that there was an agreement between him and the Head of the High Council of State, Khaled Al-Mishri, to form a new government, which he described as "unified" to supervise the elections process in Libya.

In his speech before a number of sheikhs and notables of the eastern region, Saleh added, “The HoR has issued the laws in light of which the elections will be held, indicating that the Parliament has played its part in order to achieve the electoral entitlement, as he put it.”

On the electoral laws produced by the 6 + 6 committee meetings in Morocco; Saleh expressed his objection to the issue of moving to a second round in the presidential elections between the first and second place holders, even in the event that the first gets a percentage of 50 + 1 for the candidate, considering that the step will contribute to disrupting the scene and possibly entering into the cycle of war, he said.

Saleh indicated that the rest of the laws are considered simple and can be amended or passed, pointing out that the draft proposal is presented to the House of Representatives for consideration.

The Speaker of Parliament called for a formal session next Monday at the Parliament headquarters in Benghazi to discuss the proposal of the Joint 6 + 6 Committee for the Preparation of Electoral Laws.