The spokesman for Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous operation Mohammed Al-Ghasri warned in a presser on Thursday against plunging Sirte into a new war which will be a lose-lose to all, adding that the city has been secure since the control of the operation forces on it after they had defeated ISIS terrorists.

Al-Ghasri also warned that any attacks on Sirte will be a declaration of war whose results will be catastrophic, adding that the operation forces are ready to foil any assaults.

"We are against any party that uses the army as a means to political ends and isn't logical to talk about having a nonexistent military institution committed to a civilian authority. This issue is best resolved by the constitution." Al-Ghasri added.

He also said that the emergency state is still in place and that all military units had been summoned amid advances by the forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar.

"We have patrolling the city and its surrounding and all forces are in place." Al-Ghasri indicated.

Sirte Protection Force announced days ago the state of high alert amid the news about the movements of Haftar's forces toward Sirte.

Haftar's forces announced earlier that they had sent military might to "the targeted place," and many observers say the true motive of Haftar could be advancing on Tripoli, while others say his movements are maneuvers to achieve political gains as the Libyan National Conference's date approaches.