The Prime Minister of the Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghweil, has described the members of the UN-imposed Presidential Council as illegitimate infiltrators, urging them to either turn themselves in or leave the country and return to where they came from.

PM Al-Ghweil directed, in a press conference Wednesday from the SG headquarters, a set of important questions to the UN-imposed government asking about the position of Islamic Sharia in the government laws, whether or not Libya will be a secular country as they want it to be, and also asked about the revolution and its principles as well as the revolutionaries.

“How will the UN-imposed government treat the revolutionaries and their sacrifices that led to the liberation of Libya from dictatorship and oppression?” Al-Ghweil asked.

He also denounced the description used by the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, that said Khalifa Haftar is part of the solution and the acceptance of Al-Serraj for such a statement.

Al-Ghweil called on “the honorable” in all over Libya to stand together against “the infiltrating group” that he said it is jeopardizing Tripoli’s stability and security as well as puts the country under the trusteeship of foreigners.

He confirmed that his government is working with the legislative and judicial state institutions as well as the Libyan civil societies to take the needed measures that can save the country from foreign intervention.

“We assure all the capital’s residents that they and their properties are safe and we confirm that we will exact security and protect all the properties across Tripoli as it is our responsibility.” Al-Ghweil concluded.