The commander of the western military zone of the Presidential Council, Osama Al-Juwaili, said the battle against Khalifa Haftar's forces reached its final stages, adding that the Libyan army forces contained the attack and then repelled it afar.

"What Haftar wants out of his attack on Tripoli is not a military rule by force, rather it is a rule of armed gangs which were seen mutilating bodies and shelling civilians with Grad rockets." Al-Juwaili added.

He indicated that describing the forces under the Presidential Council's command as militias is not right, saying they have done only good deeds.

"Building the Libyan state and its military and police institutions need relative stability. The Presidential Council and its institutions started this process before the attack on Tripoli via security arrangements." Al-Juwaili explained.

He added that the general staff of the western region started training groups of soldiers, some of whom have even graduated - including special force soldiers and anti-terrorism ones with the help of European countries, France included.

Al-Juwaili was appointed by Fayez Al-Sarraj as commander of main operations room for repelling the attack of Haftar on Tripoli.