The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Mossa Al-Koni, met on Wednesday the German ambassador to Libya, Michael Ohnmacht, to discuss the latest developments in Libya at all levels, especially political, economic and security sectors. 

Al-Koni reaffirmed that the Presidential Council would continue to move forward to achieve stability in the country by communicating with all political parties, and that national reconciliation was the cornerstone of achieving permanent stability "when everyone compromises for the sake of the homeland."

The meeting saw a discussion on the national reconciliation project led by the Presidential Council, as it reached advanced stages, in addition to the situation in the western region and the Mountain, as well as the efforts made by the Presidential Council and the government to achieve stability by assigning the Chief of Staff to follow up on the Ras Ajdair border situation, in coordination with other security apparatuses.

The meeting has also touched on what's taking place in neighboring countries and their repercussions on the situation in Libya, international efforts aimed at ending the conflict in Sudan, and Libya’s efforts to mediate between the two Sudanese conflicting parties, which resulted in the recent visit of Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and Hemedti to Tripoli. Al-Koni stressed the need to keep up the efforts between Libya and the European Union in order to reach a settlement in Sudan.

The German ambassador stressed his country's continued support for the efforts of the Presidential Council to achieve stability, and hoped that all efforts would be successful and bring about stability in Libya so that it can enjoy development and prosperity.