The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, met Sunday with the special envoy of the French President to Libya, Paul Soler, and French ambassador, Mostafa Mihraje, who reaffirmed France's continued support for Libya until it reaches the stage of comprehensive stability by electing a president who can lead the country to security.

Al-Lafi welcomed the new French ambassador and hailed bilateral relations with Paris and its support for the Libyan political process and dialogue among conflicting parties to reach stability. He reiterated commitment to continuing national reconciliation efforts to reach elections as per a constitutional basis, saying the Security Council's extension of UNSMIL's mandate revived the political track after the stalemate of last months.

The meeting also saw discussions on the latest developments in the Libyan situation and the repercussions of illegal immigration on Libya and Europe as well as underscored the need to prevent it by securing the southern region of Libya, in cooperation with the bordering countries. The two sides also stressed the role of France and the European Union in this file.

The French envoy reiterated the importance of the national reconciliation project, and his country's desire to achieve stability in Libya by reaching a political solution that would contribute to the holding of elections based on to a constitutional basis.