The Head of the High Council of State (HCS) Khalid Al-Mishri has called on the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj to ask the UN Security Council to impose a military no-fly zone in Libya to protect civilians.

Al-Mishri sent a letter to the Presidential Council saying the no-fly zone is a pressing need for protecting civilians, especially that most aircraft responsible for crimes are from foreign countries supporting Khalifa Haftar.

"There must be some strict measures taken immediately after Haftar's warplanes hit a civilian house in Fernaj neighborhood in Tripoli, killing three girls from one family that was displaced from clashes' zones." The HCS said.

It added that the condemnation statements by Libyan institutions and the UNSMIL have become so repetitive that they lost their value as there is no work on the ground to materialize them.

The HCS said the silence of the international community is encouraging the repetition of such tragic crimes and their ramifications on political, economic and social conditions in Libya.

Haftar's warplanes have been intensifying airstrikes on civilian and military positions in Tripoli, Sirte, Misrata, Janzour, and Gharyan, causing numerous civilian casualties.