The Head of the UN-proposed government's Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sirraj, has called for an immediate intervention by the international community to stop the current military escalation in southern Libya, which he said is threatening the stability of the country.

The urge of Al-Sirraj came in an open letter sent to the Secretary-Generals of the Arab League, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, United Nations, and the Chairman of the African Union Commission, as well as the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

"The military escalation that had included targeting Timnahent airbase by artillery and airstrikes is unjustifiable." The letter says, adding that this escalation could lead to a civil war in the country.

"This new escalation has got nothing to do with fighting terrorism, but rather has everything to do with instability and deterioration of the current fragile stability of the country." Al-Sirraj added.

He also cited the statement by the five permanent countries in the UN Security Council, in which they urged for immediate halt of military operations in southern Libya, and called for supporting the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) .

"I call on the southerners to be reasonable and side with the peace and reconciliation, renouncing any type of escalation in their region." Al-Sirraj elaborated in his letter.

He also remarked that the airstrikes that targeted civilians in the region is an attack on the LPA and national reconciliation and a peril that threatens to undermine Libya's stability in the future.

"A tough stance is required in response of the escalation." He concluded his letter.