A specialized team from the Algerian Sonelgaz state company assigned to build a power plant in Tripoli will finish its work within two months,  Sonelgaz CEO Sabri Lazhari says.

Sonelgaz's team has, since last week, transferred eight turbines to build a 160-megawatt power plant in Tripoli as part of an urgent plan to relieve pressure on the Libyan network during the 2021 crisis, the Algeria Press Service APS quoted Lazhari as saying on Tuesday.

"The scheme includes the conversion of mobile gas turbines... Due to the surplus recorded in electricity generation at the national level in Algeria, it is possible to transfer these turbines to Libya within the framework of a lease contract," the company's official added.

He pointed out that the Algerian move came at the request of the Libyan government following the "successful experience" of the intervention of the company's teams in October 2020, which enabled the restart of the 260-MW Al Khums plant.