Arab Parliament

The Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Adel Al-Asoomi, called on the Libyan parties to uphold the country’s best interest and realize the aspirations of Libyans for security, peace, stability and development.

During his meeting with Libya’s Permanent Representative to the Arab League, Abdulmuttalib Thabet, Al-Asoomi reaffirmed their position in support of Libya’s unity, and territorial integrity, in addition to rejection of external interference in its internal affairs.

Al-Asoomi stressed that "the Libyan consensus on holding presidential and parliamentary elections will play a decisive role in achieving security, stability and development in the country." He hailed the role played by Arab countries and their tireless efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis through political solutions.

Al-Thabet said that the Arab Parliament plays an important role in supporting Libya’s stability at all Arab, regional and international levels.

Last August, Al-Asoomi stressed the necessity of moving forward towards achieving the parliamentary and presidential elections in Libya. He stressed the Arab Parliament’s support for Libya to overcome this period and move towards a more stable one.