The member of the Arab Parliament, representative of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), Abdulsalam Nasiyah, said the conflict with the "Zionist entity is a conflict of existence, not of borders,” hailing the Palestinian resistance and the patient Palestinian people.

Nasiyah, and HoR members Abu Salah Shalabi, Ahlam Al-Lafi, and Hassan Barghouti participated in the Arab Parliament session on Sunday at the headquarters of the Arab League, according to HoR spokesman Abdullah Blehiq.

During the session, Nasiyah paid tribute to the State of South Africa for what it provided to the Palestinian issue, saying it proved that the African continent is free, confirming Libya’s official acceptance of the invitation submitted to the International Court of Justice against the Zionist entity.

MP Al-Barghouti also confirmed that unofficial Libyan institutions participated with a group of supporters of the Palestinian Cause in running a medical convoy at the request of the Palestinian Red Crescent under the slogan (Palestine is our cause), which included 11 intensive care ambulances and two field hospitals.

The Arab Parliament session discussed a number of important issues, especially the developments related to the Palestinian Cause and the grave challenges that the Arab world is going through in light of the current conditions, in addition to discussing the reports of the Arab Parliament’s permanent committees (foreign and political affairs, national security, economic and financial affairs, legislative and legal affairs, human rights, and social, educational, cultural, women and youth).