The Arabia Weather Center warned that the latest data indicated the possibility of the emergence of a low-pressure area in the central Mediterranean, carrying heavy rains to affect countries of southern Europe, then cold air would cross the Libyan territories and parts of Tunisia in the middle of the week in the evening, which will lead to heavy thunderstorms. 

The center explained on its Facebook page on Monday that so far the models do not indicate the possibility of the low-pressure area reaching a Medicane storm, but the possibility of the low-pressure area developing into a storm remains standing, especially since Daniel Storm was a few days before with a normal impact, and it developed suddenly later. 

The center called for taking the necessary precautions and measures, and staying away from flood streams and valleys in anticipation of any emergency, pointing out that there was no need for fear and panic. Regarding the countries of the Central Mediterranean, which include Libya, Tunisia and Algeria - more than a week ago, it called on the relief and rescue teams in Derna, to speed up relief operations before weather disturbances return again. 

"We also warned of the danger of the return of low-pressure areas or Medicane storms as a result of the continued warming of the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The weather models did not indicate the emergence of any risky situation at that time." The Center said. 

The Rowya Organization for Space Science expected some undatable weather conditions on the Libyan coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, with rainfall to different degrees. The Organization reassured everyone that the impact of the low-pressure on Libya was not dangerous, adding that it was considered a normal situation and not an exception, and it was expected that the rain would partially hinder teams searching for missing persons on the coast of the city of Derna.