The headquarters of the Fatwa House, located in the Dahra area of Tripoli, was attacked yesterday, making it the third attack of this kind during the past two months.

The Fatwa House issued a statement saying that they had submitted formal complaints before and supported them with documented videos to the Directorate of Security and the Interior Ministry.

The videos depicted armed assailants climbing the building wall then entering and attacking staff, this came with no serious response from the authorities.

The Fatwa House said that the inaction has led to the encouragement of what is more than likely the same group to storm the building after midnight last night and steal some equipment and contents.

“The perpetrators then locked the main gate of the building with chains,” they added.

The Fatwa House lays a lot of the blame on the Presidential Council of Fayez Serraj stating that since they say that they are the only authority in the country and possess the main forces on the ground, then they are responsible for the repeated crimes against the Fatwa House.

The Fatwa House then went on to say that those who carried out the attack must have had a political motivation, as a common thief would not use chains to look the gates afterwards.

“According to eyewitness testimonies, the assailants travelled in a car bearing the emblem of the Central Security Branch of Tripoli and they wore military uniforms.” The top religious body reported.

The Fatwa House concluded their statement by saying “This time after complaining to Allah, the Fatwa House directs our complaint to the general public of Libya and requests the people to uphold their responsibility in protecting their religious institution from any criminals. The Fatwa House does not have armed battalions to protect it, and it can only carry out the command of Allah. We remind everyone that locking the gates of the Fatwa House will not stop our scholars performing their mission of spreading their message to the people of Libya.”

The Presidential Council and security services have yet to make any statements.