Libya's Fatwa House has condemned in the strongest terms the burning of the Holy Quran outside the Stockholm Central Mosque in Sweden following the Eid al-Adha prayer.

"After obtaining permission and police protection, an atheist extremist insulted the Holy Quran and burned a copy in front of the Central Mosque in the Swedish capital in a disgraceful and retarded behavior that reflects venomous hate and abhorrent racism," a read out by the Council for Sharia Research and Studies at the Fatwa House said on Saturday.

Online images showed only one person taking part in the demonstration, which the Swedish police said was made "under the right of freedom of speech."

The Fatwa House criticized the Swedish authorities for allowing the "burning demonstration" and accused them of complicity in such acts.

It called on Islamic states to take a firm stance against the Swedish government, which has a history of "racist acts hostile to the Muslim religion."

Allowing such a behaviour is to be complicit in them, the statement says.

"Condemnation statements are not enough; Muslim governments should summon ambassadors, present official protests, and issue decisions to boycott the products of the countries that insult the Islamic sanctities."

It also called on Muslim nations to stage protests in front of Western embassies and boycott Swedish products, as it called on the media to play their role in activating this boycott.

Libya's Foreign Ministry on Thursday demanded the Swedish authorities take action against the perpetrators, underscoring that insulting the sanctities of Muslims is not freedom of expression.