With the dust beginning to settle on events that recently took place in the Gulf region between different Gulf states, rebuttals and rejections are taking the foreground coming from countries, organizations and individuals placed on terror lists by Saudi, Emirati, Egyptian and Bahraini authorities.

There is no doubt that the motives behind these lists are politically motivated in order to both strengthen their position in the region while weakening any opposition.

The latest rejection comes from the Benghazi Defense Brigades, their statement released in both English and Arabic focuses on emphasizing just how involved the UAE is in post Gaddafi Libya. The statement coincidentally coincides with a detailed report on events in Libya that was released by the UN Security Council.

The report confirmed the direct involvement of the UAE in Libyan internal affairs, their breaking of the arms embargo and even going as far as to say that Emirati personnel are currently active on the ground in the eastern military base of Kharuba. 

In the statement of rejection released by the Benghazi Defense Brigades, they said, “The listing of the Benghazi Defense Brigade as a terrorist organization, as is claimed, is the result of its (UAE) systematic war on Benghazi and Cyrenaica. The UAE views the Benghazi Defense Brigade is an obstacle in its attempt at dominating Benghazi, the capital of Cyrenaica”.

It is worth noting that contradictions are apparent when referencing many of those named on the so-called terror list. The renowned cleric Yusef Qaradawi was placed on the list, yet he was previously given the King Faisel international prize in Saudi for his contribution to Islamic studies.

Another case would be the meeting held in front of the US senate recently including the previous ambassador to Libya, Deborah Jones along with Dr.

Frederic Wehrey a member of the Carnegie institute. Both explicitly stated under oath on the matter of the Benghazi Defense Brigades that they are not considered a terrorist organization nor do they have direct links with AlQaida or their affiliates.