Benghazi Defense Brigades explains its political vision in black and white

Benghazi Defense Brigades explains its political vision in black and white

March 12, 2017 - 20:07
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Benghazi Defense Brigades BDB has issued a statement to clarify its political vision amid speculations and accusations on the Libyan scene after it had triumphed over Operation dignity forces at the oil crescent region.

The statement explains that the fighters of the BDB are Libyan nationals, mostly from Cyrenaica, who have partaken in the revolution against the dictatorship of Moamar Gaddafi.

"We have no links to any political party, organization, or ideology. Our only aim is to facilitate the return of the displaced families from Benghazi to their houses and properties." The statement reads.

"We want the terrorizing of Benghazi residents to end, our goal is purely humanitarian." It stressed.

The statement added that the forces of the BDB will not be the cause of a new civil war in Libya, but rather they will help establish the environment for social and political solutions that can achieve justice and stability in Libya and stop crimes in Benghazi.

"We are going to fight terrorism in all its forms - ideological or military - and we won't allow it to have a foothold in Benghazi or any other city in Libya." The statement indicates, adding that they won't allow Libya to turn into a threat to the stability of the neighboring countries.

The BDB's statement emphasized that it won't ever use vengeance or retaliation against any party as they are peacemakers and not otherwise.

Defend Benghazi Brigades (BDB) launched early March a fresh military operation to facilitate the return of Benghazi IDPs to their city.

The BDB forces took control of Ras Lanuf oil terminal and airport as well as Essidra oil terminal in central Libya, in addition to Ben Jawad and Nofaliya towns, in a surprise attack on Dignity Operation forces there.

The BDB forces handed over the control of the oil terminals to the Presidential Council’s Petroleum Facilities Guard last week.