The chief of so-called “Special Tasks Force” in Benghazi, a militia group used to work under Dignity Operation, said Saturday he would unveil the truth about the assassinations in the city, a day after Dignity Operation decided to sack him for his support of the UN-proposed government.

Faraj Egaim said in a video post in his official Facebook page that his force knows the perpetrators behind the recent assassinations in the city, who used Daesh to cover up their crimes.

"We have registered many cases of assassinations, we know who kills and throws bodies in the garbage, there is no Daesh in Benghazi, Daesh is on the front lines, we have not revealed the truth in order not to incite sedition in Berga," he said.

"It's a large criminal case, there were innocent people murdered and thrown away in the garbage, and the Attorney General knows this," he added.

During his video, he named one of the killers whom he said has a mandate from Khalifa Haftar's so-called General Command.

"He has a mandate from the air force chief Saqir Jaroushi, the General Command and the Intelligence, the so-called Ahmed Garour is charged with more than 137 criminal cases including murder, he used to work in the name of the legitimacy of the army." He disclosed.

He promised Benghazi people to name all other perpetrators of recent assassinations at the right time.

He also declared the decision to sack him by the interior ministry of Al-Thani government as invalid and confirmed he only abides by the decisions of UN-proposed government.