An IS-styled video was published on Sunday on social media showing the notorious Captain at the Special Force of Dignity Operation, Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, conducting a summary execution of about 20 captives in Benghazi.

Al-Werfalli appears in the video standing on the side with about 20 men in orange suits blindfoldedly sitting on the ground on their knees awaiting gunshots by the firing squad.

One group of shooters followed the other in massacring the captives by opening fire on them at point blank range, the video shows.

Blood-thirsty Al-Werfalli, who is accustomed to mass murdering captives and prisoners, mentioned in the video that the execution took place on July 17 - less than a week ago.

The date of the video is twice as shocking knowing that it nearly coincided with the call of the UN spokeswoman for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Liz Throssell, on the eastern forces of Khalifa Haftar to probe summary executions committed by Al-Werfalli against detainees, prisoners and captives.

Throssell demanded Al-Werfalli be suspended from his post as part of Haftar's killing squad, but instead, he appeared today massing up captives kneeling down before he ordered a group of protégés to execute them.

Al-Werfalli has been featuring in many execution IS-styled videos lately clearly showing himself in action, killing captives at point blank range.

In May, Benghazi Security Directorate accused Al-Wirfalli’s rogue groups for the killing of police officer Captain Musa Al-Mijibri, which forced him to announce a fake resignation. Later he was promoted by Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army from captain to major.