The Libyan Attorney General, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, said that the purpose of establishing the joint security room in Al-Zawiya is to implement the measures of the investigative authority, and to fulfill the measures regarding human rights violations in the city.

These remarks came in a meeting held by Al-Sour on Monday with officials of the joint security room in Al-Zawiya in the presence of a delegation from the Presidential Council and the Ministry of Interior.

The Attorney General said that deterring actions that affect human freedom and safety require a quick and effective response from law enforcement apparatuses, urging the joint room to carry out its duties within the framework of legitimacy, and a practical plan that is subject to the supervision of the Attorney General's Office, the follow-up of the Public Prosecutor at Al-Zawiya Court of Appeal, as well as the Chief Prosecutor of First Instance in Al-Zawiya.

The meeting reviewed the visions of the Presidential Council, the Ministry of Interior, and the leaders of the judicial police regarding the growth of crime rates within the municipality and ways to confront this issue.

The meeting in Al-Zawiya came a week after a horrific murder that targeted a family in Al-Harsha area, west of Al-Zawiya, where unknown gunmen opened fire on a car in which a family was traveling, killing the husband and wife, while their two children were taken to hospital, one of whom got better after the shooting and the other was transferred to Tunisia in critical condition.

The incident has shed light again on the deteriorating security situation in Al-Zawiya, which witnessed several murders in the past months, all of which were not resolved in light of the very heavy spread of weapons and armed formations, as well as the reluctance of the security services to carry out their duties.