Identical sources have confirmed the continued closure of the coastal Al-Zawiya due to the killing of Salem Abdulmoala and his wife Sarah Grimida in Al-Harsha area and the injury of their two children.

The sources said that the protesters expressed their deep dissatisfaction with the deterioration of the security situation in Al-Zawiya, especially after opening fire on a family by an unknown group. They indicated that the incident was the first of its kind for a family to be targeted despite the killings that the city witnessed in previous times.

The mayor of Al-Zawiya, Abdulkarim al-Abah, told reporters that the situation in western Al-Zawiya was still very bad and all institutions were closed in the municipality as a result of the deteriorating security situation, stressing that schools were closed in protest against the deteriorating security situation.

"We held a meeting with various parties in Al-Zawiya, including the security forces. We heard reassurances from them that a quick solution would be found to this out-of-hand situation." The mayor said, stressing that higher authorities in the country are the ones that can arrest the perpetrators who opened fire on a citizen and his wife.

Regarding the health condition of the two injured children, the mayor said the boy was transferred to Tunisia for treatment and his condition was very critical, while the condition of his injured sister became stable.