An EU-bound boat carrying two Libyan families has capsized off Sabratha coast killing all on board, local authorities have reported.

Sabratha Coast Guard said several bodies washed ashore on Monday while search for others are still ongoing.

"The total number of bodies is still unclear because the search is still continuing," Basem Gharabli, Chief of Sabratha Coast Guard declared.

The family boat had set off from an outskirt of Sabratha and was heading for Italy when the tragedy took place.

Meanwhile, Sabratha Coast Guard said it had rescued more than 15 migrants off the city's coast while searching for bodies of the two Libyan families.

"The boat was carrying 10 Libyans, 3 Africans, a Syrian family and a Moroccan one," said Basem Gharabli, adding that 2 children from the Moroccan family have drowned.