The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) confirmed that it was following with deep sorrow and regret the tragic event related to the discovery of a mass grave of 65 immigrants numbering whose remains were found a few days ago, and who were believed to have died during the process of being smuggled across the desert, in Al-Shuwerf area, southwest of the city of Gharyan.

NCHRL explained that the discovery of the mass grave was a reminder of the scale of crimes and atrocities to which immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers had been exposed, including incidents of kidnapping and detention in exchange for the payment of sums of money as ransom, Le alone their trafficking by organized crime gangs in light of the inability of the relevant security authorities.

It pointed out that this tragedy highlights the urgent need to address the challenges and risks associated with illegal immigration, as well as to address the threat of the growth and increase in the activity of immigrant smuggling and human trafficking gangs, including through a coordinated response to reduce immigrant smuggling and human trafficking.

NCHRL called on the General Authority for Search and Identification of Missing Persons to work on taking samples from the bodies of the victims, reburying their remains, and seeking to determine the identity of the victims.