UNICEF Libya said Tuesday that with the Operational Task Force, World Food Program (WFP MENA) and International Organization for Migration (IOM Libya) are on the ground responding to the humanitarian crisis at the Libya-Tunisia border, UNICEF said, adding that it had delivered hygiene kits to more than 700 people, ensuring health and safety with the support of the Libyan Red Crescent and local authorities.

UNICEF added that the joint Force members were rolling out multi-sector humanitarian assistance, including household items, food rations, hygiene kits, medical consultations, as well as fumigation and cleaning interventions in Al-Essa area to people on the move at the borders.

"Needs at Al-Essa are huge and we will continue providing emergency assistance in close coordination with local authorities, partners and donors." UNICEF said. 

The Tunisian authorities expelled last July hundreds of African immigrants from Tunisian cities to remote areas on its borders with Libya and Algeria, which sparked widespread criticism from local and international human rights organizations because of the bad conditions suffered by the immigrants, some of whom died in those dire conditions.