Several brigades fighting alongside Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos military operation in Sirte decried the growing number of murders and abductions as well as the forced disappearances, which they said are aimed at civilians, activists, clerics, and journalists and media figures in Tripoli.

In a statement issued on Friday, the brigades warned that they will hit with an iron fist all the parties that cherish using such a criminality as a means to press any foreign agenda or personal interests into the political scene in Libya.

“We won’t back down with our decisions regarding those dangerous crimes and phenomena amidst the current absence of a government grip and the weakness to act by the municipalities and state security institutions.” The statement reads.

Violent clashes swept through the capital on Thursday and Friday and to all appearances, the latest abductions and murders were not spared as a reason to trigger them, as one of the attacked brigades in Tripoli claimed that it was assaulted because it revealed the murder of cleric Nader Al-Omrani.