Fighting for power continues in Tripoli 

The Central Military Zone (CMZ) called on Wednesday for a ceasefire in Tripoli and said it is ready to intervene to protect civilians and their properties.

In a statement from Misrata, the CMZ, which is made up of most brigades of Al-Bonyan Al-Marsous Operation, also called for an immediate release of abductees from both sides of the conflict.

“We totally refuse identity-based arrests,” the statement said.

It also warned against any attack on any of its barracks in Tripoli where armed brigades loyal to UN-proposed Presidency Council have launched a massive operation against rival armed brigades to extend PC control over the capital.

Meanwhile, Tripoli Security Department said security situations in the capital have been brought under control.

Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous Operation, which drove ISIS out of Sirte, also called warring groups for an immediate ceasefire. It said in a statement it will not stand idly by while fighting rages in the capital.

Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade and Ghaniewa armed brigade captured early on Wednesday Rixos compound in Bab Bin Ghashir district where the GNC and Salvation Government were located after a night of fighting against guards of the compound, all from Misrata.

Prime Minister of Salvation Government Khalifa Al-Ghawiel was slightly injured in the clashes before he and the guards retreated from Rixos compound under the heavy fire.